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About 'Bathing Our Roots'

Hello, I am John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard and welcome to my Bathing Our Roots portal. 'Bathing Our Roots' is part my four book Bathing series that is and will be supported by videos, music audio version, workshops, presentations, courses, and social events. Please subscribe, above, for updates. The thoughts and contents of this book and connected services include ... Enchanting ourselves back to the language of trees and plants Returning to the 'magic' of sensory perception for connection and direction  What we can personally do to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere to reduce personal carbon footprint How our poetry and journaling can guide us to sustainable practical activity What we can meaningfully do and achieve alone and socially, in a balanced way Using folklore to serve wisdom about the mysteries of life that we can learn Insights into the simplicities of gardening, tree care, harvesting, and composting Guiding how the outdoors is the best temple for